Fun and Games With Velcro Wall Jumping

If you are looking for an unusual activity to partake in whether it’s just for the fun of it or you are looking for something different to do on a birthday, stag do or office party, Velcro wall jumping may be just the thing you are looking for.

Gone are the days where materials such as Velcro straps are kept for traditional uses like securing a shoe together. Nowadays, it’s used so that people can hurl themselves up against walls and stay there for as long as possible.

This highly amusing activity requires participants to wear Velcro suits and then jump into walls which are covered in strong Velcro. The result of this is obviously that the participants are going to stick to the walls. Some people use the traditional method of running and then jumping into the wall, whereas others choose to jump off trampolines into the walls. Either way, this is guaranteed to provide plenty of entertainment and get many laughs from anybody taking part in the activity or watching it.

What you do once you are stuck to the wall is entirely up to you. However, the main objective is to try and move around to different parts without falling off. The winner of the game is of course, the last person to remain stuck to the wall.

On a slightly serious note, there is some safety information to consider before taking part in Velcro jumping. It is important to ensure that the Velcro on your suit is made with the opposite side of the Velcro which is on the wall otherwise you are not going to stick to the wall and could end up injuring yourself. Also remember that you don’t have to throw yourself against the wall particularly hard in order to stick to it. Running or jumping too hard could result in an injury if you are not careful. If you don’t think that you can be sensible whilst doing this, it may be an idea to wear some protective gear underneath your suit.

There are various different ways in which you can participate in Velcro wall jumping. You can either go to an activity centre where they offer this facility or you can buy an inflatable devise that enables you to do this at home provided your garden is big enough.

So how did something as simple as Velcro straps turn into a game that involves people launching themselves against walls? It was actually American talk-show host David Letterman who started the craze after one of his episodes was aired in 1984. He wanted to prove that with enough Velcro, a man could be hurled against a wall. After this proved to be successful, Velcro wall jumping was born.

Since then many crazy people take part in this activity all over the world. So if you’re ever bored and are trying to think of something to do with your Velcro straps, circles and rolls, you can always take them Velcro wall jumping.